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(English) Shortcut Flower Course / 2 days class

Updated: Mar 18

This course for who don't have to much time for study. You can learn main techniques that are frequently used in flower shop in 2 days.

Duration: 2 Days (3 works per day)

Time: 09.30-17.00

Price 31,000 THB/person

If you come with your friend,

group of 2 people GET 15% DISCOUNT

group of 3 people GET 20% DISCOUNT

Florist shortcut course (6 works) :-

1. 20 roses (round / mini layer)

2. basic handtied (mini layer)

3. natural handtied (layer/ natural style)

4. natural basket (foam)

5. flower bucket (foam)

6. simple vase (water)

flower class 2days class

Short course for those who want to learn in a concise, urgent way, focusing on teaching the main techniques that are frequently used in flower shop work. Students will learn from the beginning to prepare flowers, choosing flowers, using colors, different flower arrangement techniques. No experience required, can study.

Suitable for both those who are interested in studying as a hobby and those who are interested in opening a flower shop.

In this course, students will learn a total of 6 pieces of work. Students will learn various techniques of flower arrangement in Korean style to further practice in their own way. We will focus on teaching techniques to arrange flowers to look beautiful and natural. Bring out the prominence of flowers to show in your work.

Since this course is a concise course Those who are new to the basics may need to go back for more practice to become more proficient. The teacher will teach the main techniques so that the students can easily understand and do it by themselves. You can apply it according to your own style. And for students who have some background, this course will help you increase your skills, organizing techniques , new perspectives.

flower class 2days class

please make a reservation 5-7 days in advance contact us by LINE: @everydaywonders

Location :

Everyday Wonders - Block28

Samyan, Soi Chula 9 MRT Samyan Exit 2

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